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The product is hand-made with love and passion by experienced artisans using carefully chosen materials of the highest quality.

Slight imperfection in leather, suede or wood is their natural characteristic and adds to their aesthetic appeal.

Avoid exposure to rain, heat, moisture and abrasive objects.

Should the product get wet, remove any residual water immediately with a soft cloth and allow it to dry naturally in an airy shaded place.

Store the product in the dust bag provided when not in use and keep it in a cool, dry , well-ventilated place.

Some materials, such as suede, might transfer colour onto other materials. Avoid direct contact with other materials, as they might transfer their colours onto the product as well.

Be careful with the wooden heel. Although wood is hard and durable, the wooden heel might chip under impact. It is normal that the colour of the wooden heel wears off overtime.

Fleur et Rosée recommends that our customers consult a shoemaker for specific care advice. We are happy to answer questions you may have for your one and only "Glass Slippers". Contact us via E-Mail. Xoxo

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